How to Use ProCreate and It's Tool [Introductions]

ProCreate app is a digital painting app on the iPad. It’s easy for anyone to pick up and start drawing with it. This how-to article will teach you how to make your drawings come out better, how to get more colors on your palette, how to create layers that are useful not just distracting or how best to share your artwork when it's done!

What you'll learn

This article will give you quick introduction of the tools and how to make their drawings come out better using procreate app tools such as QuickShape tool (straight lines), Pencil Tool (broad strokes) and Paintbrush Tool(soft feathered edges). You can also isolate sections of your work on different layers so that they don't overlap each other during editing processes. Lastly, there are instructions on how best to share artwork online once it has been finished in ProCreate App.

QuickShape tool

The quick shape tool is the simplest of all the tools. It enables you to draw straight lines or curves, by simply dragging your finger across your drawing surface. You can change how thick the line will be by how hard you press on the screen when using it.

Pencil tool

The pencil tool enables you to create a wide variety of marks, from broad strokes to thin, hairline lines. It’s a very useful tool for both sketches and finished drawings.

Paintbrush tool

The paintbrush is a very versatile drawing tool that enables you to draw anything from sharp outlines to soft feathered edges. You can choose how much ink you want to apply to the brush by how hard you press on the screen when using it.

AirBrush tool

The airbrush is best used for creating soft, smooth transitions of tone and color. By decreasing/increasing how much ink you spray onto your drawing surface with how hard you press the button, you can create everything from subtle shading to very dramatic effects.

Eraser tool

The eraser is essential when you want to add corrections and alterations to your artwork (such as accidentally drawing a line in the wrong place or an object in the wrong size). You can control how much you erase by how hard you press/sweep across your screen.

Blender tool

The blender is a useful tool that enables you to blend together and smooth out hard edges and lines, as well as create color gradients within your artwork. It's especially useful for creating effects such as soft shading. You can control how much you apply the effect with how hard you press/sweep across your screen.

How to Use Layers in ProCreate?

Layers allow you to get far more creative with how you work on a drawing, because it enables you to isolate and edit individual sections of your work without affecting the rest of the piece. You can add multiple layers and how each layer affects which area is controlled by how transparent, how large and how much you draw in a layer.

How to make full use the Gallery?

The gallery is a place for you to save all your artwork, either in its unfinished or finished form. It helps to keep everything organized within one simple interface so that when you return back to each piece it’s easier for you use them as a reference. You can add your own tags and descriptions to them so that you’ll always know what can be of use to you when working/drawing with ProCreate app.

How to Share Your Artwork Online?

When you’re finished drawing or painting with Procreate, how do you share it online? Well if it’s on your iPad all you need to do is use iTunes file sharing and how it will be saved directly onto your computer. But if you want to share it online, how you can do this by using the “Gallery” option within Procreate so that how people could see how awesome your artwork is.