How to Animate on Procreate? (5 Easy & Quick Steps)

How to Animate on Procreate? (5 Easy & Quick Steps)

Procreate is a fantastic platform for creating beautiful digital artwork, and it’s packed with powerful tools that let you animate your art. Whether you want to bring a still image to life or create a full-blown animation, Procreate makes the process straightforward.

How To Animate on Procreate?

how to animate in Procreate

1. Get Started With Layers

The first step to animating in Procreate is organizing your layers in the Layers panel. Make sure each layer contains only one element of your composition, so it can be moved independently when animating later. You can also use folders within the Layers panel for a different organization.

2. Record an Action

Once your layers are set up, you’ll need to record an action for each layer you want to animate. To do this, tap the Record button in the Actions panel and drag each layer into place as desired. When you’re finished, tap Stop Recording and give your Action a name.

3. Add Keyframes

Now it’s time to add keyframes to your animation. Keyframes are points in time where something changes on the canvas—for example, when an element moves from one position to another or when a color changes within an object. Tap the + icon next to the timeline at the bottom of the screen and select Add Keyframe for each layer or object you want to animate.

4. Adjust Your Animation

Now it’s time to adjust the timing of your animation. Tap and drag each keyframe along the timeline to change its position, and use the sliders on the right side of the screen to adjust the easing (the speed at which elements move between keyframes). You can also add additional frames by tapping + in between existing frames.

5. Playback Your Animation

When you’re finished adjusting your animation, tap Play in the top left corner of the screen to watch it in real time. If anything looks off or needs more tweaking, go back and adjust until it looks right!


Animating on Procreate is a great way to bring your artwork to life and add some extra flair to your creations. Whether you’re creating a simple animation or something more complex, Procreate makes it easy to create stunning results. Give it a try today!

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